Thursday, November 4, 2010

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

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As you know, Oct 31st was my birthday! I took off the whole week, in honor of my celebration for my birthday. Things, really got all steamed up into ACTION Friday, Oct 29th. My day, started with going to the SPA I got my nails done with Solar Nails Black Tips w/ White Tiger Strips, my toes where don'e to perfection with the Katrina DELUXE Spa Pedicure, It included.... Nail & cuticle trimming & cutting, scrub, marque mask, hot towel wrap of both legs & feet. Feet where then dipped in paraffin treatment, & then massaged with oil topping the finish with White French Tips done with Black Tiger Strips! Ohhh LaLA-La.

Then it was OFF to pick up my CAKE, the theme of my birthday was... Live, LEGAL, & RAW! Hahaha, I thought that was just to cute & cool. Plus, it fits me to a T hehe. So, then before we headed to the movies, we stopped at Red Lobster, I ordered the Admirals Fest, which was severed with Flounder, Shrimp, Scallops, & Calm Strips everything was fried and mashed potatoes! It came with a House Salad, & to top this all OFF it couldn't of been BETTER with their Cheddar Bay Biscuits, they are the BOMB to die for!!!!

Once everyone's, stomach was FULL are ready for sum excitement & thrill we then headed over, to the theater to see, SAW 3D that movie was very gruesome, horrifying, & one BLOODY MYSTERY-THRILLER! I must say, although it was $13.00 to go, see the movie it was worth every single bit of my money spent, although you paid like $6.00 out of that $13 bucks just for the 3D shades. I have a few of my own very scenes out of the movie I enjoyed... Which was the 1st scene of the two guys fighting for their love over the woman of their life who was strapped to the top of the table or whatever it was! My 2nd favorite scene was the one with man super-glued to his back and arms in his car with the lady strapped down to the floor UNDERneath the tire that was the BEST-scene out of the whole movie to me... The 3rd was with the 3 or 4 Police officers or detectives that  got set-up in a room with the machine gun that popped up outta now where man... That was an awesome thrill right there for your money. Then my 4th a favorite scene was when Dr. Gordon had locked-up the detective that was in the First SAW movie, in the room & then he tossed  the hand-SAW out of the room, so (the man couldn't cut himself a loose or whatever) and that was just hella cool, cause when he tossed the saw it when in 3D like it was coming at ya! hahaha

So,  having all been done and said when then went out shopping I went to Victoria Secrets, boy was I ever pissed I had no fucking clue that the shit I had picked out came to $207 with tax. Uggh, there goes some of my Birthday money, but oh well!!! I have something to look good in whether i'm online camming, or just out with my friends or family or whatever... Atleast, I know I have something nice on under my clothes :P & plus I bought some of their lotion & body spray too, so I always smell pleasant.

    Then it was off to the bar, after all I had done on my BIG day, I only had enough room for one drink, which I ordered a Mango Mai Ti. Mmm mmm mmm, sinfully sweet, tangy, & fruity all at once, with a hint of alcohol.

It comes OFF with a big sha-BANG!!!!

The STRANGEST Thing i've Masturbated with

So, this question was asked by MyPornProfile from Twitter. "What's the strangest thing, you've ever used to Masturbate with?"

      Believe it or NOT.... When I had tried this, I was superrrr HORNY & wanting to try something new, so I had a sausage in the fridge, and cut it about 7-10 inches, he was very COLD by him holding this temperature I knew he would stimulate my pussy to grow into the FASTEST ORGASMIC pleasure, ever which he did just that, I stuffed him into my pussy while I was watching a porno, getting myself all HOT & bothered slapping, pinching, & sucking my tits while I fucked myself IN & OUT of my pussy & rubbing my tiny swollen clit, beginning to softly moan & scream into an orgasm, MMmm... That was one of the BEST i've ever had! Phewww    

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