Saturday, May 7, 2011

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Featured Special Guest/CoHost on DaKandiShop

Join the Very Sexy, yet SEDUCTIVE SlapItOnMyPussy Feat. Special Guest/CoHost on DaKandiShop!

Join me, for "Saturday Night Dessert" N DaKandiShop with Special Guest/CoHost the sexy Adult Entertainer SlapItOnMyPussy. She'll be answering anything & everything in between. Its going to get SPICY, but not so much CLASSY, be sure to bring your body condoms yet, be sure your already HARD N WET, cause I like mines juicy BEFORE I hit it! This is only for the Grown & Sexi, "MUST BE 18+ PLUS to enter."  Listen live online or download the link above to listen to ANYTIME!

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Featured Special Guest on Trendsettahs

Hello, as an Adult Rising Film Star I was approached and given my opportunity to be featured on a HipHop Radio Station known as TrendSettahs. One of the hosts known as YoungV presented me with an onsite interview with a series of questions pertaining to the Adult Industry... The questions, range from and to... What would you do if your son/daughters friends saw you in an adult film? Are you currently seeing anyone? What does your boyfriend think and how does he feel? What are my limitations and why do I choose not to do them? & so many more! Get into the mind, of an UpCOMING rising Adult Film Star in the making!!! 

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CamGirl Pet Peeves

Yes, every camgirl has them and gets asked the most annoying & taunting questions that's just plain down right irritating. Here's a series of questions I find annoying from fellow members or customers.

Do you escort? Hell no, I do not. Just because, my work is classified in the "Sex Industry" doesn't mean, I'am willing to participate in prostitution of any kind that is illegal. I have to keep my business professional and legit! Thats the only, way I roll out.

Do you do racial humiliation/degrading? Absolutely NOT, "just because, men/women are willing to pay to see this type of conduct. Does not make it right because you pay for it." Its a form of slavery and i'm not even into that type of play. Yes, i know anytime a guy who asks for this type of play, isn't NOTHING but, more than a racist. I will not consider this type of play at all.

What do you do in your shows? You can feel free, to have a detailed look into either my "EyeCandy archives such as, pictures, videos, my profile or my website under the page of (Services) for a detailed listing of the types of shows I currently offer."

Can I see you vomit, piss, shit, or do bestiality scenes on cam? Uggh, hell no you cant, the same thing goes for period-play. I mean if your into that thats on you and you can keep that. Thats way to much, for me and considered beyond the lines. What turns you on about seeing someone do such a thing on cam? That's nasty, I keep my stuff classy with seduction to a nice twist to it. I've  done some research on this, its consider a heavy part of BDSM & humiliation, if anything its just repulsive and all for entertainment to be considered or profound as being hilarious thats just plan sick. You'll never see me offer such a thing.

Where are you from? None of your business, cause in the end "all business is never personal."

How old are you? Read it and reap it up in my profile.

Do you have a boyfriend? I'm talking to someone, so well see where things will lead from there.

Can you stand up? I'd love to for a "Gold bar." I don't show anything in FREE-CHAT, without you shinning some gold down on me first. In other words, for those of you that don't know what "Gold " is, it means tips!

Why do this job, baby your to pretty for this? Why not? I thought guys liked looking at pretty/hot girls on cam while they help get you off in private shows. Would you pay to see someone ugly on cam to play with themselves? Hell no, I know I wouldn't I don't give a fuck how desperate or low her pay per minute price was, fuck all that!

Do you have any previews or videoclips? Always, go to any of my fanclubs listed on iFriends or Streamate or you may find teaser-clips onMyPornProfile or YouTube channel. But other than that, do them for FREE for you without being compensated is a no go. Plus, you will notice I will add teaser or preview clips directly onto my OFFICIAL website.

Tease me to get me to go private with you? Nope, notta "how about you show me the money 1st then we will see about all that."

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

I've been getting some reviews or feedbacks from other individuals disclosing that I should NOT post certain things on my Twitter. Such as, mostly pertaining to "personal issues/problems." We'll helloooo, of course i'm NOT that stupid to list my own personal contact information online. Who the hell does? Its the net for christ shakes, lighten up a little! One, thing about the internet is that it lies a portal to "Hide/mask our true identities as appealing to what the naked eye, can reveal behind close doors or face to face rather. Its what I call having insecurities, about one's self.

Really, where i'm getting at is that I have had some people harass/stalk me online. Making rude and absurd comments to me made specifically via-twitter/ I was tweeting one day, thinking to myself as I just kinda rant on by saying "should I be quiet and not be entitled to my opinion." You call me bitch, just because I say whats on my mind. "FREEDOM of Speech here," I'm going to say whatever I feel and I don't give a fuck who doesn't seem to like it NOT, one bit. If you don't like my tweets, then "i'm sure you know what to do, hit that unfollow button."  Yes, I agree that my tweets & my blog posts can contain explicit or foul language at times, besides it being XXX-Rated, & about my personal life or lifestyle I choose to live. Sometimes, I will let the small talk pass and just be quick to block you, other times I will put you in line or seat you in my hot seat as I shall say. Hehe, but there is only so much a person can take until they just pop off on you, don't get me wrong by my tweets. I'm a really, sweet  kind-hearted, fun-loving woman, but I refuse to be someone's doormat and have you walk all over me.  Now, don't go getting me WRONG-here, I only post what I want those to know or see. As i'm sure many of you do as well. But some of you fools and idiots out there act like I tweet anything and everything for all to see! Hell no, this is not the case. Sorry, you feel that way as well, if you do. Yeah, so what if I argue or get into arguments with others? Everyone argues or at least comes to some sort of disagreement at some point, however that doesn't give you the right to try to bully or belittle me in anyway you see fit.

I've even had individuals ask me anonymous questions to my account, again with the rude remarks. Then when I confront the person about it, cause "trust me I do know who it is." They are for one cowardly to hide behind a pc, someone (I can't see face to face, or even touch). If you have to ask a question or make a comment anonymously i'd say that person can't handle confrontation pretty well, and perhaps this... (Don't say ANYTHING, if its NOT something nice to say). Keep ur mouth shut and in the end, silence is GOLDEN, so shut the fuck up! After all, isn't Twitter a quick-mini-blog within itself to post whatever you feel you want to share? Yes, I do recall reading somewhere that Twitter is basically like a short or quick blog to make quick posts or updates about thy self.

Hell, I don't want NOBODY, thinking that I go to start drama, cause this here is not my type of style. If anything, its always drama or trouble comes finding itself to me instead, anyways i'm not being subjected to anymore drama shit or situations. I'm just going to be quick to block you or either set you straight. Hehe, did you catch the (challenge there)?

So, can someone please leave me a comment on this "thought on behalf... Why shouldn't one post a tweet or blog about their personal issues/problems, yet alone also disputes that their facing?" (Think of it like this, if and when you do shoot me a reply back), would you let some talk down to you, while you do nothing to defend yourself back??? I have no clue, what you think but I refuse to let anyone make me their target. Should you, or should you NOT disclose personal issues or problems? Hell, i've even had people tell me, I don't see how you could make any money and have so many followers and you post such things online. We'll hell, and this is coming from a bitch that has LESS than 100 fucking followers, bitch please! I make money regardless of what you have to say, as well as others, (you don't STOP nor make or BREAK my money-making). I'm glad people, think by what you say or state as a matter or opinion, that you should not make money. lol, what fools you all are, pity on you. Thats just like some people who try to define my character by being in the "sex industry." since when does a persons job, have to do with their character? Can you explain this??? Probably not, if anything its the persons reputation thats on the line. Anyway, thats another story saved, for a later blogpost at another time being.

Those of you guys, who find my sites & social networking sites i'm on appealing or intrigued, that you decide to fuck with my persona by harassement/stalking/predatory acts, not including the rumors. (Yes, they are rumors going around, if it has NOT came out of my mouth to you or directed toward someone or has been posted to my blog or website(s) that such, information is true, then it is not unless I ONLY state otherwise that it is). However, "I do find all my haters who stalk me online, its actually cute that you do."

Thats why I always put up a FIGHT to defend myself and accusations that arise!

I guess, I must be getting famous... Because, behind every successful person lies a pack of haters. The envious consumed by Envy, one of the 7-deadliest sins ever! -SlapItOnMyPussy
Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Premiere Debut of

   I launched my site Jan. 19th, 2011 it has been a smash hit thanks to all my fans and supports. My site is fully-equipped just as i'am ready to please you at any given time. This is ONLY, the beginning "I stand my mark here and this is mine." To all my fans, keep an eye-out cause you'll definitely be seeing more of me  on the net.  Until then, you know where you can always reach me, in my domain. Enjoy

    View the debut premiere of my site HERE-

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