Friday, June 25, 2010

Shop Till You Drop

Which is something, that happens to me most often every-time I get a pay-check! LOL, my day was filled with a indulgent award for being announce a self-proclaim Top Performer on iFriends. So, far i've completed my two costume changes for the 4th of July my themes are... "American-Booty" & "American-Woman" to match and go along with this special Holiday we share for independence how more would it be complete with an All-American Flag woo hoooO! In for this special day, I also bough a new bed comforter set i'm not telling you the color of it, but lets just say it should be pretty some-what obvious!  hehe then I headed to Charlotte Russe and bought two tops, shorts, scarf, & 2 pairs of shoes. Yeahhhh, when your a Diva it hard to look good, but if anything it becomes a MUST! Especially, if your man wants you to look good for him!! Men who are looking at this, now I know you don't want no ugly ass woman that can't dress right? Okay, then the same applies to me for men as well. Hi-5!! 

A Pampered Pet in the Bliss

I got one of my dogs groomed today, FeFe (specifically) couldn't hardly wait to go to the grooming salon and get all pampered and looking good for her mom! She eagerly awaits in the back seat of the car as I drove her on the way, having her hair all shaggy long, as she had a smile grazed upon her face (pondering where am I going... Where could she take me)?? Along with her tongue hanging out of place

       all said & done we arrived to the groomers walked in side as she smelled and stuttered upon other dogs sent walking through to the back of the salon, their we headed in which I checked her in, Mike came over and said who is this? He knew her breed of which she was.... Ohhhh a Schipperke, so he then says!  That's FeFe, he gently made half a little balled fist to approach her by saying hii, I come in peace lets be friends!! heheh she so happily walked back there to the back along with Mike as he told me when I came to get her he did all the grooming his-self!! Uhhh- yeah right, LMAO Just kidding you know I had to say that. How about a cute pampered pet? Have a look, and remember i'm always up for compliments. My dogs have a great mommy & they all love me to death!


      I also, included a link to find out source ful information on Schipperke's, if your not to familiar with them, enjoy!!!

         My first, baby Angelina who is now about to turn 8 yrs old.


           My Dog Albert! Ya, I have 3 dogs isn't that something.                              
                                                      Isn't he precious, yeahhh I know!! Awwww
                                                                                                                       Love my babies!!!
Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Top 50 List (Top Performer on iFriendsV2)

I'am so ecstatic, to  add to my Successful Showcase of accomplishments that I have now been RANKED as a Top Performer on iFriends.... For those, of you who do not know my screen-name there i'am known as -Who_Hotter-Than_I- (pretty obvious huh)? LMAO I just wanted to thank all my FANS, Viewers, & iFriends as we'll for presenting this opportunity to shine on their site by unleashing my inner sex-kitten hehe Please, keep in mind that this is me and I'am here to stay, if you don't like me now, then you NEVER will!  Oh we'll, i'm sure since it  was good being in the Top 50 by itself, let alone what I was really aiming for to be placed in the Top 20. NEXT TIME I tell u!!!


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