Monday, August 16, 2010

whats your favorite sunday thing to do

Relax by taking it easy watching a bit of tv, and also preparing dinner for a lovely soul cooked meal urs?

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Sunday, August 15, 2010


As some of you may have noticed from my "fanclub material."
      I announced Saturday, Aug 14th that i'am will be on Semi-Vacationing for the next couple of weeks or so. I'am in the process of still packing up & moving things out of my house. I have a lot of STUFF (lol), so this may take awhile, however that does not stop the essential FUN, great conversations, & XXX-RATED excitement you can have with me. The reason, why I say Semi-Vacation... Is because I will be online essentially, but just not as much the only time I will come-online LIVE for as a matter of fact, is just for my FANS & regular members. You know, I always make an appoint to dedicate and cater to ANY and ALL of my FANS & Loyal Regular Members (ur NEVER left out of the loop).

       You can go to my fanclub link to reach me.... Further, if you've jOINED as a fan you receive more unlimited access to me such as HD Pix_ HQ Photos_VideoClips_REPLAYs_External Email Addresses (Cause a girl, as fly as me does have a life too ya know outside of my virtual fantasy world) *winks*

     Today, I recently uploaded some new material to my fanclub such as, Wall Posts_Weekly Diary Newsletter_New Contests (Winner, receives 5% OFF Live VideoChat for up to 30 days after contest is over)! Polls_ & so much more is yet to be there waiting for your devine attention to worship thy. 

      Did I mention, part of you being my Fan is you also get my cell phone number? Make calls to me whenever, from WHEREVER when you need me! You can also even text, me & i'll text u back! (smiles) 

              You can make an appointment with me any-time you like, to Book a Private 1 on 1 Session_Call me with GetCLOSER/RePLAYS videos. Talk to u soon!!

                                                                                      -Who_Hotter-Than_I- AKA SlapItOnMyPussy on Twitter

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