Sunday, December 26, 2010

Premiere Debut of PORN Site SOON Launching

      As, you know the year 2010 has been an amazing adventure for me. Its been like any other filled with ups & downs, but the New Year, things will be taken to new leveled heights! I finally, found a web designer to successfully, build me a porn site more efficiently, by listening to every thing I wanted in detailed from designing, to layout, to site content, the whole sha-BANG!!!! Colors of the site are nice N soft, its a fairly LARGE site for just a starter site impeccable details with mind blowing 10 pages, each page is customized with different appealing site content for each layout on the pages. I'm NOT going to list exactly whats all on each page/ give you the pages names, you'll just have to wait that out to see. I will be launching & debuting my site around the middle of January, 18th 2011 at the very LATEST! So, Stay tuned, keep them eyes peeled and of course all eyes on me! 

MyPornProfile Fan Page

    MyPornProfile has now gotten two dimensional on us, by allow adult models, pornstars, camgitls, fans & MORE to interact together by networking more successfully together. It has now BECAME a social network for fans to reach/interact with their favorite stars online. Plus, so much more to come. I'am now listed there on the site & i'm waiting for my horny dogs to turn into my slaves by submitting unto your "sex goddess."

                                            Click here to visit MPP Profile/Page 

Friday, November 26, 2010

Dirty Santa Spoil Me with GIFTs

Who's gonna be DIRTY by sending me a gift ? Dirty Santa is on... (Give me a little something DIRTY to model for your on cam!

Remember, to cover me with all chocolate KISSES giving me all your undivided ATTENTION by kneeling to your "SEX GODDESS" bon fide worshipping!!!


                                       P.S. All contributors MUST send a minimum of $25, $50, $75, or $100 in return upon sending me a donation, in the following increments ( ALL contributors who donate at least $25 will RECEIVE 5 FREE NUDE PICS of your choice. All Contributors, who donate $50 or MORE will receive their choice of 3-4 Custom made VIDEOs and 10 pics!!! All Videos & Pictures are customized & edited to fit my clients needs! So, HURRY-up and don't delay pLAY DIRTY SANTA TODAY!!!   


    Feeling even more DIRTIER than naughty than EVER!!! Send me an E-Gift Card to my e-mail address at

                   Victoria Secrets 










                                         HO, HO, HO Mutha Fuckers!!!
Thursday, November 4, 2010

TOP Performer on iFriends


I have been a cam-girl for 2 years now, & i'm marking my spot that I'am HERE TO STAY! Check-out some of my Showcase Success on iFriends. Enjoy, xox



Let's keep the SUCCESS coming!!!! 

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Latest PROMO's in ACTION New Banners

My designed teamed, has hooked me up with some awesome NEW banners, for you all to come see me LIVE! You can catch a peek here, of my two latest HOTTEST banners in ACTION! If you want to see more of my banners or sum of my "Sexy-CamGirlfriends" click this link to your LEFT in parentheses.

By clicking any of my banners, will also lead you to my FREE-SIGNUP page, for MEMBERSHIP where its all FREE!!!! Grants you direct ACCESS to all my XXX-Rated PIX, VIDEOs, MOVIEs, & more!!!



                                                                                  LET's GET NAKED, come-on baby let's get it HOTT!!!


As you know, Oct 31st was my birthday! I took off the whole week, in honor of my celebration for my birthday. Things, really got all steamed up into ACTION Friday, Oct 29th. My day, started with going to the SPA I got my nails done with Solar Nails Black Tips w/ White Tiger Strips, my toes where don'e to perfection with the Katrina DELUXE Spa Pedicure, It included.... Nail & cuticle trimming & cutting, scrub, marque mask, hot towel wrap of both legs & feet. Feet where then dipped in paraffin treatment, & then massaged with oil topping the finish with White French Tips done with Black Tiger Strips! Ohhh LaLA-La.

Then it was OFF to pick up my CAKE, the theme of my birthday was... Live, LEGAL, & RAW! Hahaha, I thought that was just to cute & cool. Plus, it fits me to a T hehe. So, then before we headed to the movies, we stopped at Red Lobster, I ordered the Admirals Fest, which was severed with Flounder, Shrimp, Scallops, & Calm Strips everything was fried and mashed potatoes! It came with a House Salad, & to top this all OFF it couldn't of been BETTER with their Cheddar Bay Biscuits, they are the BOMB to die for!!!!

Once everyone's, stomach was FULL are ready for sum excitement & thrill we then headed over, to the theater to see, SAW 3D that movie was very gruesome, horrifying, & one BLOODY MYSTERY-THRILLER! I must say, although it was $13.00 to go, see the movie it was worth every single bit of my money spent, although you paid like $6.00 out of that $13 bucks just for the 3D shades. I have a few of my own very scenes out of the movie I enjoyed... Which was the 1st scene of the two guys fighting for their love over the woman of their life who was strapped to the top of the table or whatever it was! My 2nd favorite scene was the one with man super-glued to his back and arms in his car with the lady strapped down to the floor UNDERneath the tire that was the BEST-scene out of the whole movie to me... The 3rd was with the 3 or 4 Police officers or detectives that  got set-up in a room with the machine gun that popped up outta now where man... That was an awesome thrill right there for your money. Then my 4th a favorite scene was when Dr. Gordon had locked-up the detective that was in the First SAW movie, in the room & then he tossed  the hand-SAW out of the room, so (the man couldn't cut himself a loose or whatever) and that was just hella cool, cause when he tossed the saw it when in 3D like it was coming at ya! hahaha

So,  having all been done and said when then went out shopping I went to Victoria Secrets, boy was I ever pissed I had no fucking clue that the shit I had picked out came to $207 with tax. Uggh, there goes some of my Birthday money, but oh well!!! I have something to look good in whether i'm online camming, or just out with my friends or family or whatever... Atleast, I know I have something nice on under my clothes :P & plus I bought some of their lotion & body spray too, so I always smell pleasant.

    Then it was off to the bar, after all I had done on my BIG day, I only had enough room for one drink, which I ordered a Mango Mai Ti. Mmm mmm mmm, sinfully sweet, tangy, & fruity all at once, with a hint of alcohol.

It comes OFF with a big sha-BANG!!!!

The STRANGEST Thing i've Masturbated with

So, this question was asked by MyPornProfile from Twitter. "What's the strangest thing, you've ever used to Masturbate with?"

      Believe it or NOT.... When I had tried this, I was superrrr HORNY & wanting to try something new, so I had a sausage in the fridge, and cut it about 7-10 inches, he was very COLD by him holding this temperature I knew he would stimulate my pussy to grow into the FASTEST ORGASMIC pleasure, ever which he did just that, I stuffed him into my pussy while I was watching a porno, getting myself all HOT & bothered slapping, pinching, & sucking my tits while I fucked myself IN & OUT of my pussy & rubbing my tiny swollen clit, beginning to softly moan & scream into an orgasm, MMmm... That was one of the BEST i've ever had! Phewww    
Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Horny Epidemic

Monday, night I was in my room with a "very close & personal" Best-FRIEND of mines, she was sound smooth asleep, in my bed as I begun, to cock my legs wide-OPEN teasing & taunting at my clit rubbing it & slapping it... Mmmm, I was so horny & terrified that I would soon awake her as she sounded asleep in my bed. So, I then rushed to grab my dildo out of my dresser draw, then rushed* immediately to the bathroom. Where I then laid a towel (of mines) down on the floor  as I began to fuck & massage my pussy & clit I started rubbing that fUCKERR non-stop starting out a bit slow & picking up the speed gradually... Ooohh Ooohhhhh Oooh me moaning & groaning as I masturbate to the sound of my orgasms & visualize watching some porn-flicks OHhh man, that was the BEST-EVER!!! You know, it had to be pretty bad if I had go to the restroom & masturbate. My pussy was begging for a fucking & she got what she deserved!

                                          Take care of my PUZZY Mr.PussyLovas
Thursday, August 26, 2010

August is Blazzinnnn HOT

Woooo, so how does a diva manage to stay cool? In the Summer, by avoiding the massive heat-weave I surrend by keeping you at my side at all times given. My members & fans of course, I know... I know... Things get wild N NASTY in our sessions, all the commands you bark up my tree gives me on hell of a work-out to put on a show for you.

                                                              Besides, that you know with my ancestor color, I don't need any extra heat, I have my own personalized tan I was born with. So, I stay cool in the shade in-doors being your Sex Goddess 24/7 working around the clock. See, what you do to me?



 My God, look how wet you are!!!



   BOOOO- hehe he whats up boys & gouls? I have a very special "announcement," this Halloween, is going to be the BEST ever, filled with my birthday (none the other of couse), yessss... I know, I will be 23 years old & what a better way to have ur cake & ice-cream sharing with me (tips my hat) by being ONLINE Oct 31st lets make this sensational & the BEST EVER!!! I know it will be, cause your gonna be my co-star of our own XXX-Rated film starring me (of course) *winks*

          This year, i'm playing the pirate & your gonna walk the plank mattie. hehehe what a fun, scene this will be! Heres some pics of my costume from last year. Ooohh Ooohhhhh

Monday, August 16, 2010

whats your favorite sunday thing to do

Relax by taking it easy watching a bit of tv, and also preparing dinner for a lovely soul cooked meal urs?

Ask me anything

Sunday, August 15, 2010


As some of you may have noticed from my "fanclub material."
      I announced Saturday, Aug 14th that i'am will be on Semi-Vacationing for the next couple of weeks or so. I'am in the process of still packing up & moving things out of my house. I have a lot of STUFF (lol), so this may take awhile, however that does not stop the essential FUN, great conversations, & XXX-RATED excitement you can have with me. The reason, why I say Semi-Vacation... Is because I will be online essentially, but just not as much the only time I will come-online LIVE for as a matter of fact, is just for my FANS & regular members. You know, I always make an appoint to dedicate and cater to ANY and ALL of my FANS & Loyal Regular Members (ur NEVER left out of the loop).

       You can go to my fanclub link to reach me.... Further, if you've jOINED as a fan you receive more unlimited access to me such as HD Pix_ HQ Photos_VideoClips_REPLAYs_External Email Addresses (Cause a girl, as fly as me does have a life too ya know outside of my virtual fantasy world) *winks*

     Today, I recently uploaded some new material to my fanclub such as, Wall Posts_Weekly Diary Newsletter_New Contests (Winner, receives 5% OFF Live VideoChat for up to 30 days after contest is over)! Polls_ & so much more is yet to be there waiting for your devine attention to worship thy. 

      Did I mention, part of you being my Fan is you also get my cell phone number? Make calls to me whenever, from WHEREVER when you need me! You can also even text, me & i'll text u back! (smiles) 

              You can make an appointment with me any-time you like, to Book a Private 1 on 1 Session_Call me with GetCLOSER/RePLAYS videos. Talk to u soon!!

                                                                                      -Who_Hotter-Than_I- AKA SlapItOnMyPussy on Twitter
Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More FETISHES have arrived

I'am NOW OFFERING THE FOLLOWING TYPE OF SHOWS-  Arm Flexing, Bubble Gum, Fruit, Food-Fetishes! Enjoy
Saturday, July 10, 2010

Whats there to see on my blogspot site

My Blog as you can see has eight customizable pages of different information you'd be interested in learning more about ur favorite porn star, purchasing a show, or just viewing my daily aspects on my sexual thoughts, encounters, candid times/pictures, and the way I view life as in the ordinary.

          The "Home-page," is where you can view my weekly blog updates from sexual desires, to my pets, family, public announcements, showcase success, & LOTS more... "Sexual Appetite Menu," is some of where I release my inner sexuality as far as what you can expect and see me perform in categories during my cam shows... "Book A Show," is only for serious inquiries ONLY!, this is where u can purchase a cam show directly through me, or be redirected to a site which I MODEL for full-time.... "Gallery," is where i've listed some pix that has been taken through my live sessions and are updated regularly as well...  Free-TEXT "Chat-room," is where you can interact live through (only) texting with me during the hours i'am online working... "Spoil Me Rotten," is where you can reward me for being the greatest) servant that i'am to u, on my behalf of my services in which I provide unto you or simply JUST BECAUSE!!! Note, this page may be under-construction, however that does not still stop the show. You can contact me in such, for other 3rd party payments or processors in which I'am verified on to receive payments. That is if you don't want to leave a E-Gift Card at one of my listed sites in which i'am registered on to receive E-Gift-Cards, please be sure to send all E-Gift Cards to .  "Contact Me" page, is where you can use this area to contact me regarding cam shows, information about purchasing shows, or sending me a e-gift card personally... "Sexy Cam-Girlfriends" is where you can have a look at a some of the other sites or girls I represent or work with through closely.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'am Now LIVE in HD

        I'am the HOTTEST thing on the net, even HOTTER now since i'm broadcasting live from a SONY HD Camcorder, up to 20x's ZOOM (vvvrrroooom vroom) with no MORE magnification along with a remote control. Soon, to come is cam-pilot, so you can move my cam around 360 degree angel up, down, right,  &
left panning.



Coming Attractions

Up NEXT, I plan to launch my own HD Movies, DVD's, V.O.D's, & possibly opening up my own online store where you can buy movies/DVDs, Adult-Trading Cards, Pro Website, Calendars, & Pictures.  Stay tune, i'll KEEP YOU ADVISED!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Shop Till You Drop

Which is something, that happens to me most often every-time I get a pay-check! LOL, my day was filled with a indulgent award for being announce a self-proclaim Top Performer on iFriends. So, far i've completed my two costume changes for the 4th of July my themes are... "American-Booty" & "American-Woman" to match and go along with this special Holiday we share for independence how more would it be complete with an All-American Flag woo hoooO! In for this special day, I also bough a new bed comforter set i'm not telling you the color of it, but lets just say it should be pretty some-what obvious!  hehe then I headed to Charlotte Russe and bought two tops, shorts, scarf, & 2 pairs of shoes. Yeahhhh, when your a Diva it hard to look good, but if anything it becomes a MUST! Especially, if your man wants you to look good for him!! Men who are looking at this, now I know you don't want no ugly ass woman that can't dress right? Okay, then the same applies to me for men as well. Hi-5!! 

A Pampered Pet in the Bliss

I got one of my dogs groomed today, FeFe (specifically) couldn't hardly wait to go to the grooming salon and get all pampered and looking good for her mom! She eagerly awaits in the back seat of the car as I drove her on the way, having her hair all shaggy long, as she had a smile grazed upon her face (pondering where am I going... Where could she take me)?? Along with her tongue hanging out of place

       all said & done we arrived to the groomers walked in side as she smelled and stuttered upon other dogs sent walking through to the back of the salon, their we headed in which I checked her in, Mike came over and said who is this? He knew her breed of which she was.... Ohhhh a Schipperke, so he then says!  That's FeFe, he gently made half a little balled fist to approach her by saying hii, I come in peace lets be friends!! heheh she so happily walked back there to the back along with Mike as he told me when I came to get her he did all the grooming his-self!! Uhhh- yeah right, LMAO Just kidding you know I had to say that. How about a cute pampered pet? Have a look, and remember i'm always up for compliments. My dogs have a great mommy & they all love me to death!


      I also, included a link to find out source ful information on Schipperke's, if your not to familiar with them, enjoy!!!

         My first, baby Angelina who is now about to turn 8 yrs old.


           My Dog Albert! Ya, I have 3 dogs isn't that something.                              
                                                      Isn't he precious, yeahhh I know!! Awwww
                                                                                                                       Love my babies!!!
Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Top 50 List (Top Performer on iFriendsV2)

I'am so ecstatic, to  add to my Successful Showcase of accomplishments that I have now been RANKED as a Top Performer on iFriends.... For those, of you who do not know my screen-name there i'am known as -Who_Hotter-Than_I- (pretty obvious huh)? LMAO I just wanted to thank all my FANS, Viewers, & iFriends as we'll for presenting this opportunity to shine on their site by unleashing my inner sex-kitten hehe Please, keep in mind that this is me and I'am here to stay, if you don't like me now, then you NEVER will!  Oh we'll, i'm sure since it  was good being in the Top 50 by itself, let alone what I was really aiming for to be placed in the Top 20. NEXT TIME I tell u!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'am your "American Woman" for July 4th, 2010

This event title for the 4th of July set for 3PM (EST) I will be LIVE Broadcasting from my Sony HD Cam w/ remote control  up to 20x's ZOOM I have been RANKED Top Video Chat-HOSTS on iFV2 Platform, dozens of accomplishment of achievements Award Titles- Such as.... 'Best-Anal" & "Best Use of Toys: just to name a couple. This is going to be the HOTTEST & WILDEST event made live set forth on iFV2 Platform. Stop by and come join in on the fun!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Viewer Awards

We'll to add to my crown successor  on the iFV2 Platform this week i've been crowned for "Best Use of Toys" along with several other accomplishments thats i've been featured across the network and other areas of promotion/marketing as well. Hey THANKS IFRIENDS your the best! 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Project in for the Making

As you can see, i've been busy making my blog site the best I can be... Soon, the site will be finished and completely launched, with all full spectrum pages on-DEMAND. Such as, my (Sexual-Appettite Menu) crave your thirst for my sexual desires, fantasies, & all the secrets. (Book a Show) here is where you can see my individual prices held for 'independent cam shows" prefer to play on a major cam site instead? Don't worry just click on the HTML banner (click here to visit me) heheh.

     The (Gallery), is a must here you can get a peak of my sexy pix & just how i work it and look good for just you on cam.  There's also an embed (chat-room) this here is a FREE Text Chat only, no password or login is required.... Just enter you desired user-name and VIOLA!!! You, like me... You respect me? Are you proud of the way I can please you & take care of what your wife/girlfriend isn't doing for you? Then (SPOIL ME) "rotten" cause every girl likes to be spoiled like crazy, but shit ain't nuthin better than HANDS ON DOWN RAW COLD-CASH!!! Make your TIP/Tribute to me here.

             Contact me, VIA your choice of messenger (whether YAHOO, SKYPE, OR MSN). You like me? I know you do... But maybe there isn't something I don't do that you want specifically then have a look see at my Sexy-Cam Girl-Friends. Enjoy! Mwah XOX
Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ideal dick size

Size, does not matter. Its how well you use the fucker and work with what you have!!!

Ask me anything

Monday, May 17, 2010

Success Showcase

I'am NUMBER 1!!! I feel unstoppable, untouchable, & undefeated I want to think all my Fans & Members for making this possible for me to rank First Place in Non-Explicit Video-Chat. Who was the idiot that said sex-sells? Its not just about looks anymore, but how you present yourself, by carrying yourself, bearing your personality is a plus 80% of the time.I know this is only the beginning of my step by officially coming closer to iFriends, I also want to thank the company cause without them I would of not made it this far, thanks for letting me represent your company by being a Webcam Model/Performer/Chat-Host. Also, I just wanted to say, since this is all due to my success on the site... I have been featured, in numerous countless categories through-out the network on iF, including... Best-Anal Award, Top-Rated by Members, New-Faces, Fresh-faces, Special-Event, Hot New Stars, Top Fan-Clubs (Most-Active), Latest Photos & Movies, Top 10 FAN-CLUB Showcase Star, Hottest Star Clips, Hottest Stars Live,  Latest Star Clips, & Featured "Fresh Face" in the Teasers & Pleasers Nov 2009 Member eNewsletter! Woo Hoo, that names all of my accomplishments, so far yet to been achived on the network. 
I Stay in the Top 10 Fan-club ShowcaseThere we go, i'm to HOT no one is HOTTER than I!
Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Weekend with my Mother

I enjoy every bit of my Mother's Day celebrating it along with my mother. We went all out shopping, getting pampered, & dining out. (one of my favs) :P hehe so, for Mother's Day I order this red clubwear dress which was form-fitting to all my sexy curves, wore my rhinestone 5 inch heels which we're golden to perfection. My hair was heavenly flowing with curls through every strand, my nails were done french-tip but this tip was no white like the ordinary, the tips were a Navy Blue finish with glitter in them. Between our trips i had guys of all colors stopping turning their heads, saying Yo baby whats up? Can I have your numnber? Sorry, Ma'am I just had to look! LOL I even had some guys follow me around... Which I almost freaked out! For dinner, we ate at a 5 star restaurant I had a 8 oz Lobster tail, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, & House Salad... Bon Appetite for an appetizer was served Hot Crab Dip with festive colored chips.  Never knew, I was such a SEX GODDESS of the drop of a dime. Anyways, here are a few pictures I uploaded on my day out.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

What exactly could I see you do, If I did purchase a show?

I'm not going to speak for itself. But I will give you my blog and take a look at my "Sexual Appetite MENU" there is a taste of what u can visualize i do even more!

Ask me anything

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Whose the HERO in my life

I'm actually glad to announce the HERO in my life. We go everywhere together and their really isn't much sharing between the two of us at all. He's Hand-held and loves a good touch. Hell wouldn't you? We shop, go to the movies, out to dinner, & experience the HOTTESt phone-sex conversations wild, crazy, & LIVE! Thats, why i'm happy i've ordered my new "cell phone" its the HTC HERO "giggles" what naughty conversations we will have SOON, can't wait!!! I'll be waiting on your call PICK-UP THE PHONE! We could have a really good-time. Just call me whenever, from wherever at 1-877-226-3263  Oohhhh by the way, HAPPY HOME CUMMINGS!!! hehhhe
Thursday, April 29, 2010


Hello, this is just a note. To confirm all who visit my blog, that this blog is still currently UNDER-CONSTRUCTION with further due notice. I'am arranging the site to get it configured for my business which will help be an asset until i'am finished with my main (personal/business website) FOR ADULT CONTENT! So, relax, take a deep breath and sit back and have a look around. Few some, previous posts/archives, to get to know me, if you like what you see. Follow me, or better yet if ur a sexy-cam girl who is just as HOT as me, feel free for further exposure to be listed under My "HOTTEST CAM-GIRLS list." (By sending me a message today). I'm also, taking and willing to exchange banners with my good sexy friends for on my blogspot, if that is you let me know ASAP!

Staff Senate Appreciation Luncheon

As, you know i was highly speaking of the luncheon that took place, April 28th 2010 it went very well may I ask. It was held in a conference/banquet room in a well know museum. I wore my White Skimpy Dress, along with my Rhinestone Heels. Lets just say, i turned alot of heads in the banquet and caught everybody's eye, being the beauty that i'am. The day before, I was heavenly showered in pampering I went and got my nails & a deluxe spa pedicure. Hehe I have pictures to prove of my acknowledge. Drop a comment, and let me know what you think?


Ask me anything

Do you find it easy to find nice bras being the bigger busted lady that you are?

I come across very rare times when i can't find a bra in my size, usually it cause of specific style or color i'm waiting. Due to they have sold-out, cause my size is pretty popular.

Ask me anything

Do you have a preference for pvc lingerie?

Yeah its gotta be totally dominatrix or have a burlesque feel to it. Preferably, any of black, red, and pink. Gotta love Leather.

Ask me anything

Wanna know what I have in my bedroom? Ask me anything!

lets c whipped cream or surpy to lick off

I'd prefer the whipped cream, way less messy n sticky. Besides, i'm a prissy bitch!

Ask me anything

how would u plz ur man

Candle lit dinner, a weekend getaway, spa treatment, & great sex in the bedroom.

Ask me anything

How old do you want to live to?

As old as god is willing me to live.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

What are the most important characteristics in someone you are looking for?

Attractive, grooms well, outgoing, friendly, gentlemen, caring, kind, loving, & an animal lover. Like me hehe :P

Ask me anything

What are your 3 physical features you get complimented on often?

Thats so darn e-z, lol.... Lets see my natural Beauty, Style, & ENORMOUS TITS!!! hehe

Ask me anything

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Congrats to Fanclub Member Paul

I had a contest held in my fan-club for a whole month and Paul (which is a fan of mines) was announced the WINNER! He answered all of the questions correctly, Your my favorite paul so you know I gotta treat you like the Ace of SPADES right heh? hahaha :P He won 15 MINS FREE of Live Video Chat with me!

                                 Some of the benefits FANCLUB MEMBERS receive: 25% OFF LIVE VIDEO CHAT, Call me toll-FREE for only $1.99/per min, contests, screen-savers, polls, daily diary updates of (me and some of my hottest sessions on the net), hehe Weekly Newsletters, Alerts when i'm ONLINE for chat/play. I'm available 24/7 365 days a year, so lets have a really good-time, by joining me NOW!

      Don't wait now, YOU COULD BE ANNOUNCED MY NEXT WINNER for next month! go to & click JOIN NOW to become my own very next fan. Not a Member? Be sure to sign-up first at

      SEE you soon, remember there tons of things waiting for you in my fan-club for FREE!!!


OMGGGG, so today was my first time heading out to the arts n craft show. They had some wonderful things. I saw everything for scarves, sculptures of women & men in the nude, pens, drinking cups & so much more! Now while, (i'm still on this subject here) I had on my mind modeling scarves & pictures or sculptures of me naked to give out to every single member & FAN of mines!!!! With the scarf i would want a man/woman to blind-fold me with it and stuff my panties into my pussy as he sticks his fingers into my mouth for sucking. As far, as the sculpturing i need a made to make a raw image of me like, so or either draw me naked. hehe (winks) There was tons, of food there of course anything u could think of that a carnival or festival would have. :P I had a funnel-cake with chocolate and strawberries, of course the whip cream was ur cum hehe mmm tasty baby! But, I checked out the fine work of art and their pieces and i must say i'm definitely going back I had the best time of my life there!
Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ask me anything, How naughty can you go OOoohh!

I couldnt live without you either..Ok well thats not a question but no matter.. :) How are you.? ;) Insomnia2Dream

I'm doing good here, sweetie just livin life to the fullest. You?

Ask me anything

wen u gonna let me succ them..

When you join me on cam

Ask me anything

Ask me anything

HOw big r ur tities..

Natural great tits 36DD

Ask me anything

Miss me? Insomnia2Dream :)

I couldn't live without you.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

heh It wasnt french, but well spoken gibberish. If there was one language you could learn hon..what would it be ?

French (giggles).

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Mother's Day Celebration

        Mother's Day, is the perfect celebration to honor our moms once a year in appreciation of them doing all that they do. I've made early reservations & plans this year for my mother, cause she is extra special to me, more ways than one. So, i've bought her For starters a CZ Carat Count Earing Set 5 piece, SpaFinder Comfort Slippers (to relax her tired achy feet n toes). hehe a Heart Pendant Necklace & the Prayers Cross. So, wonder and beautiful just as she is. I've made plans for her and my grandma for dinner at a 5 star restaurant.  I truly plan on impressing her this year with the Ultimate Card & gifts not to mention the winning and dinning. I LOVE YOU MOM!!! XoX

You guys will choke and suck on my strap-on if u dont ask me QUESTIONS- Ask me anything NOW!!!

Mweep or farfegnugan ??

You know damn well I dont speak French, so why are you asking me something in a foreign language? What did u say anyways? hehehe

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ask me anything, sexual or just in general.
Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Welcome To My Blog

Hey everyone, thanks for peeping out my page or joining me in as a follow. Feel free to FOLLOW me and i'll follow you back. Post your comments, or any type of questions you may have, whether it is sexual just in general. ASK WHATEVER! hehe or contact me, i love answering and reading your emails.

Ask me anything
Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What is a Webcam PERFORMER/Cam-Girl?

’m sure some of you, who are new to the Webcam Industry/Adult Entertainment have seen those taglines Livecams, Webcam Models/Performers, Sex Chat Shows, & etc… Not to mention those who are new to the internet or if you are just wondering around to take a peak into one of these sites. Then, theres people who are looking for work on the internet, want to model, or perhaps you have a WILD exhibitionist side to step up to the plate! We’ll whatever it may be, here is my insight on what the definition of a Webcam Performer/Model is…
It is definitely classified under Adult Entertainment, as a Webcam Performer/Model our job entails talking with potential customers in a chat-room providing live webcam feed, as well as entertaining them in private shows. hahahheehe Private Shows consist of 1-on-1 with a client what the client/member ask of you is totally up to them and of course you as well, which normally consist of Strip-Teases, Dancing, Masturbation, Sex-Toys, Role-play, Dirty-Talk, & you get the idea as to where this is heading. :) You work totally off-commission during a Live Video Chat/Private Show. They MONEY YOU EARN CAN BE GREAT! Depending upon, how much time you spend involving your career, promoting, & marketing yourself.
Monday, April 19, 2010

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